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                         Deer Creek Transition House

                                                   Facebook: @DeerCreekTransitionHouse

                                                                   Mission Statement

Develop confident, productive, empowered special needs adults to ultimately become independent, self-sufficient, and employed members of our community.

Deer Creek Public Schools, in its growing tradition of excellence, continues to develop its diverse body of students through educational opportunities with the same respect and dignity that is afforded to all of Deer Creek’s students.  With this new addition to our current special education programming, a Transition House will assist our students in the developmental process of independent living.  While most of us take these skills for granted, many of our most uniquely challenged students work very hard for many years to develop independent living skills.  We believe that each individual student who participates in our transition program, will have the opportunity to become a thriving, independent member of our society.  As educators, we feel it to be our duty to aid them in unlocking this potential. At Deer Creek, your children are also our children, and our children are in need of your support and contributions.  Each child is a gift, and it is our aspiration to cultivate their unique skills and personalities.  We are honored to serve the children of our community, and together, we can help each of these children achieve their goals on their journey of life. Help us to make their dreams become a reality.

The Transition House
is a simulated training opportunity for students with special needs. It will be a place where students can learn to live independently, work successfully and train to improve their own quality of life. The training will enable students to reach the goal of becoming an active and vital member of our Deer Creek community, with minimal or no assistance.

The Deer Creek Transition House will be our central element, in a comprehensive, transitional program. It will be specifically designed to meet both the developmental and transitional needs of our students with special needs of many types.

The house will include activities including training to establish and maintain good hygiene, meal preparations, laundry skills, leisure/recreational skill development, time management, money management, abilities to access public/equipment management, horticulture and a program designed to train our students with skills to create, develop, construct and sale “Antler Products.”

The Deer Creek School District are actively looking to partner with other community leaders, groups and organizations who wish to support this amazing project. We want to encourage others to become a part in this endeavor, which will significantly impact the lives of our children and our community and other surrounding areas. All community members can be a vital participant in this process of “transition.”

Some of the ways to participate are by sharing this information with others, opening student employment opportunities, training and skill development through experienced learning, donations of time, energy and financial resource support.

Make Checks Payable to:
DC PSG for Individuals with Special Needs

Mail to:
P.O. Box 160
Guthrie, OK 73044
Attn: Debbie Kuykendall

For More Information: Jeffrey McMillan, Deer Creek High School Special Education Teacher & Transition Coordinator at 937-241-0900, or Dr. James L. Rose, DC School District, Special Services Director at (405) 348-6100 X1159 or DC Superintendent, Ranet Tippen at (405) 348-6100 Administration office.